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Equine-Assisted Life Coaching (Equus Coaching)

Curiosity. Communication. Connection.

Equine-assisted life coaching - Stephanie Rew Coaching, LLC


Equine-assisted life coaching (or Equus Coaching) is a collaborative life coaching experience designed for people to explore their own personal roadblocks and development while interacting with a horse under the facilitation and support of a coach.

Because horses are naturally curious and highly attuned to even the slightest shifts within themselves or their environment, their external responses often mirror our internal states of being and can provide us with clues as to what’s really going on in the present moment or situation without any bias or judgment. Interacting with horses during a life coaching session can serve as a powerful opportunity for clients to explore their own habits and patterns of thinking, communicating, and relating to themselves and others while receiving real-time feedback from the horse – and hopefully having some fun along the way!

All activities with the horses are done on the ground, so there is no horseback riding involved during an Equus Coaching session and participation is always optional and at the discretion of the client. You do not need to have prior experience with horses to participate in an Equus Coaching Session.

Stephanie Rew, Certified Equus Coach


While every client’s experience will be different, some of the potential benefits or areas of exploration with equine-assisted coaching may include:

Building empathy and self-awareness

Connecting with nature and the environment
Creative problem-solving
Developing situational awareness
Engaging in play, creativity, and curiosity

Exploring work/play balance
Herd/group/relationship dynamics

Learning to set healthy boundaries
Navigating life transitions and changes

PLEASE NOTE: Equine-assisted coaching is not therapy or counseling, nor is it intended as horsemanship training or lessons. Please see the FAQ section for more information.

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